#ThisMumRuns… Our New Partnership!

Trunki is pleased to announce a new partnership with This Mum Runs!

We are excited to launch a new partnership between Trunki and This Mum Runs. Our aim to is help families enjoy amazing new experiences and memories, and we know that if Mums are happy, the whole family are too.

When we met with Mel Bound, the Founder of This Mum Runs, it was clear that this is an organisation on a mission! Mel shared with us her vision to create a global movement of Mums, connecting them locally through running and empowering them to be a bit healthier and happier. We liked the sound of that and thought you would too; so for the next few months will be sharing inspiring stories of what they offer, the women who’s lives have changed for the better and of course how you can get involved.

This Mum Runs started almost by accident in November 2014 when Mum of two, Mel put a desperate shout out for a running buddy on Facebook. With two kids under 5, a busy job, and long commute, any hope of time to herself, let alone to exercise, seemed long gone. Sound familiar?

Turns out lots of women were feeling the same – 75 women turned up that night to meet Mel for a run! Hundreds came the following week and This Mum Runs was born.

Three years later, the community has grown to 26,000 Mums around the world. they offer hundreds of free social runs for Mums every month, a growing programme of coaching and courses and a fab range of running gear.

Mel explained that many of the women who have joined the This Mum Runs community have never run before – many of them since poor experiences of PE at school. Some had just stopped exercising after having kids. For all of them, the support and encouragement they have found in This Mum Runs has given them the confidence to try it and make it a regular part of their lives. Bristol Mum, Claire sums it up here:

“I feel part of a brilliant initiative that encourages women to get fit, make new friends and find some elusive headspace. The sense of community and commitment to each other has blown me away”

Runs currently take place from parks across London, Bristol and Bath – but the This Mum Runs team plan to roll out to locations around the world. Head to their website to find out about runs locally, or to let This Mum Runs know that you are interested in setting up runs in your area. Sign up for their newsletter and they will keep you posted on all the new runs planned too.

You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram for inspiring stories from women just like you.

Next month we will be sharing some of the fantastic stories from This Mum Runs members who’s lives have been changed by running with the community!


More On This Mum Runs:

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