Pack Like A Pro With The Family In Tow!

The thought of sun, sea and beaches is enough to make most people yearn for their next holiday, but the thought of packing can be enough to dampen that dream, especially when you’re bringing the whole family with you. However, it’s crucial if you want to go away!

To help you get through this task as painlessly as possible, travel expert Ann Evison, at luxury Algarve villas specialist Sun-hat Villas & Resorts, has put together her top tips that will have you packing like a pro.

Narrow Down The Essentials

Have you ever found that you’ve got to the end of your holiday and only worn a third of your clothes? Or realised you’ve forgotten something important as soon as you got there? What you need is a master packing list of these items that you can use over and over again, every time you fly.

Creating it digitally means it’s really easy to amend and there is less chance of it getting lost at a crucial time. There are some great phone apps out there that can help, such as TripList, the ultimate packing list app, which will also handily remind you when you need to check-in online.

Make Clever Use Of Space

A few clever packing hacks can make a huge difference to the amount of stuff you can fit in your suitcase. Rolling clothes instead of folding them takes up a lot less room, so you can take more – or give yourself a smaller bag to carry.

Also think about the empty nooks and crannies in your case. Where you can, put smaller items like underwear inside shoes or other items with handy spaces.

Less Is More With Make Up

Make up and toiletries can be quite bulky – and you rarely need a full bottle of something while away – so streamline what you take and, where possible, decant products into smaller containers. A contact lens container is perfect for some of your foundation or hand cream.

Pre-empt Any Nasty Surprises

There is nothing worse than opening your suitcase, to find your shampoo has leaked all over your clothes. To prevent this cut a small square out of a plastic bag and put it underneath the screwed on lid. If the flip top lid does pop open, none of the product will be able to escape.

To stop your light coloured clothes getting ruined by anything else in your case, pack them inside out so if they do get marked it won’t be noticeable. It’s also a good idea to pack shoes and trainers with a shower cap over their soles, to avoid any unsightly scuff mark – a large sandwich bag will also work.

And, perhaps, the handiest trick of all, avoid spending unnecessary time untangling jewellery by the pool, by feeding your necklaces and bracelets through straws – simple and effective.

Keep The Kids Entertained

There’s nothing worse for other passengers than bored, noisy children on a flight.

Make sure you pack enough toys and snacks to keep them busy. Food that takes longer to eat, such as fruit, bagels or raisin boxes may bag you an extra few minutes of peace. Lollipops will help encourage your children to suck (and therefore swallow), alleviating the painful ears that can accompany take off and landing.

Try not to give them too much sugar however, or keeping them contained within their seat for a few hours may become an impossible task!

Hide The Telltale Suitcase Signs

You still want to look your best on holiday, but you don’t want to have to launder clean clothes just because they’ve been in a suitcase.

Put a few tumble dryer sheets in among your clothes when you pack your case to keep them fresh and smelling like they’ve just been washed.

There’s also a fantastic little product called Grandma’s Secret Wrinkle Remover, which after a few sprays smooths out creases with no ironing involved.

Prep Your Arrival Pack

Last but not least, it saves a lot of time to prep an arrival pack and add it to your hand luggage. This should include some coins and notes for when you first arrive (in case you need to tip), a phrase book or printed list of handy local terms – you’d be surprised how far ‘hello’, ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ will get you – and holiday weather-ready clothing.

Yes, you might have an early flight from the cold UK, but by the time you land that sunshine you’ve been seeking will take its toll. Don’t forget the SPF, you’ll need it!

(And wet wipes. You can never go wrong with wet wipes.)

Bon voyage!



A Guest Publication from – Ann Evison, travel expert at  Sun-hat Villas and Resorts

Founded in 2001, Sun-hat offers holidaymakers a selection of almost 1,000 handpicked lavish private villas and high-end resorts in some of the world’s most desirable locations.

Sun-hat began by focusing on Portugal and has become a well-known and respected Algarve specialist. As the company has grown, so has Sun-hat’s location portfolio and the team is now able to offer luxury properties in over 40 destinations, including resorts in Majorca, Menorca, Ibiza, Tuscany, Sicily, Lanzarote and Barbados.

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  1. Step 9 – The Travel Packing Begins! That’s it you are ready to go, and the final packing stage begins. At this point you have pondered the ultimate packing list and it should look like a scribbled mess and that’s a good thing! For the last pack I like to have it done at least two days before taking off, this way I can really think about if I have missed anything.

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