A Trunki for Grown Ups is FINALLY Here!!

Attention Trunki fans, we’ve got some very BIG news…  we’re about to launch a limited edition Trunki for GROWN UPS!!!

That’s right folks, you’ve been asking us for an adult Trunki for years and now we’re finally giving you what you want! Say goodbye to toddler envy next time you see tiny tots scooting across shiny airport floors on brightly coloured Trunki cases – Now you can join the fun too!

Trunki for Adults

Standing at 59cm high, it’s the perfect ride-on size for grown ups, and with an impressive 118.5 litre storage capacity, there’s enough room to pack your sombrero, your straw donkey and your entire collection of garden gnomes!

Now you and your whole family can proudly ride through the airport together in one giant Trunki train. Or why not take it on your next business trip and let your jealous colleagues eat your Trunki dust as you speed through the airport leaving them chasing behind, dragging their boring black luggage! ;-)

We’re planning on launching a limited number of adult Trunki cases in a range of cute character designs next month, so we wanted to give you a sneaky preview to hear your thoughts about what features you’d like to see in the new design.

Join the conversation and show your support for the new Adult Trunki by giving us a shout out on social media using the hashtag #AdultTrunki!

Suggested RRP £199/ More information and launch date coming soon!
Press and PR contact: Melanie@magmatic.co.uk / 0117 9543 056

Adult Trunki Spec


UPDATE: If you have read all the way to the bottom of this page, you’re probably pretty excited by now right? If you didn’t notice the date this post was published, you’re also probably about to get a bit disappointed… APRIL FOOLS!

Sorry if your day has now been ruined! But since we got such an amazing response to this post, we are actually now thinking about what the next big Trunki inventions should be. Let us know your thoughts.


  1. totally amazing!! My hubby would love this!! We’re like big kids and our kids would love to see us on these!! :)

  2. Excellent idea! My daughter is outgrowing her trixie already so she would need a bigger one, and I would love one for myself.

  3. Brilliant idea Id love a pink one to match my little girl.
    However a suggested rrp of £199 Id question if many adults could justify that spend when you can have crazy coloured cabin bags/suitcases for £30/40.

  4. Imagine….you could have the adult trunki for the hold and then the child trunki for hand luggage and if you could link the 2 up so the small is behind the big….just like elephants….then walk through the airport……this would just be awesome. I know I would buy this!

  5. Agree the price is too much, was expecting it to be double the price of a childs one, not over x4. Great idea though

  6. I NEEEEEEEED one of these! My kids still love their Trunkis, as do I! However! Having seen the RRP, I guess I’ll be sticking to my bright purple, funky flower suitcase. Booooooo

  7. Brilliant idea. My little girl has the Freida the cow Trunki. We could pull along one each, however, I feel £199 is quite a lot for this product. I would have been happier to buy at about £120.

  8. Ooh I’d defo buy one. I’m in the middle of choosing which one to get for my son. I’ll have to see what adult ones there are so we can match x

    Am defo adding these to my wedding list – can we have a range of horses so we can race through the airport? Racehorse, cowboy, dressage etc…. :)
    Oh & a cat, a lion, a zebra & an elephant :)

    Hurry up with these!! I want to take them on my honeymoon!!

  10. APRIL FOOL ????

    Eggscellent idea, but really!!!! £199 – sounds like an April Fool to me, especially if it’s true and you have to pay that for a small, but funky case!
    Really want one though; can just imagine us all at the airport baggage reclaim – 20 very mature adults arguing and squabbling over a which giraffe or elephant is theirs!!! What fun!

  11. brilliant! but with its weight at 5.4kg, doesn’t leave much room for other stuff sice most carry-ons allow for between 7 and 10 kg depending on airlines.

  12. Super excited to buy an adult Trunki! I like the yellow and black one best but I would also be happy to buy most of the kids ones in adult sizes. Great idea for sitting on in airports too!

  13. I wish I believed this, but having noticed the date I’m not sure I do!
    Saying that, have thought for several years since getting my daughters trunki that it’s so stable compared to our own wheeled cases that I would love one made to the same ratios just double the dimensions.
    So on a serious note Trunki, with or without the funky characters, I would happily pay about double for a double dimension trunki. Perhaps with a cool British “keep calm it’s Mum’s/Dad’s trunki” theme?

  14. This is the cruelest April Fool I’ve seen all day :'( How could you toy with my emotions?! I’ve wanted one of these for myself for YEARS! It’s a sad, sad day…
    Off to cry into my cornflakes…

  15. Fantastic!! Love the idea- do not love the suggested RRP- I’m not sure that many parents would justify spending nearly £200 on a cabin bag!! The childrens ones are really good value for money.

  16. A dream come true!! I’ve always wanted an Adult Trunkie to join my boy going to the airport!! #AdultTrunkiealltheway

  17. My 36 year old husband thinks this is fantastic and very excited! Please don’t tell us it’s an April fool or he will be devastated?!

  18. I would love this to be real, as my 2 kids are getting steadily bigger (i can’t remember when we bought our daughter, who will soon be 10) her Trunki,

    I’ve asked for bigger ones, as their market is getting older and taller and heavier etc.

    However, I too think this is an April Fools Day Joke (though a poor one :( )

  19. Despite this being April 1st, Trunki would be mad not to listen to the sheer number of positive requests to this. Facebook has gone mad for it! I wouldn’t pay £199 (that’s the April Fool joke!) but I LOVE the adult Trunki idea… DO IT!!!

  20. its clearly an April fools……as despite the size, the specifications still state it’s airline cabin approved! Which is clearly not gunna happen!
    However, I think trunki should stop messing and actually make one! It would be cool!

  21. It’s not an April Fools, my daughters school helped with the market research and we’ve been waiting the arrival of the larger trunkie ever since as she’d hoped to get one to use on an up and coming year 6 school trip. Thought it was to be pitched at the pre-teen and teenage market, not adults. At £199 sadly after waiting for the release I feel it’s a let down that you might suggest a RRP so high and I will be explaining to my daughter that just because its branded it’s not worth the hype!!! Shame on companies charging a premium for branded product marketed at children.

  22. I love these and would buy for both me and my husband. But what’s with the rrp that’s just crazy. I was thinking when I saw them that they would be between £80 and £100 not nearly £200. Can’t see you selling many at that kind of price.

  23. If this isnt an april fool id definitely be buying one but the price tag is very very pricey thats if it isnt an #aprilfools

  24. Ha ha, if this wasn’t an April fool these would be fab! I would seriously consider buying these for all the family, at a fraction of the cost of course :o)

  25. I love this idea, however, the price would definitely stop me from buying it, I love my kids ones, which are ideal for travelling and while in transit , it’s perfect for carry on luggage. If the price of the adult one was a lot cheaper I would probably buy one

  26. At 52 years old I must confess I love the idea of having a red one to match my grandsons.. & like a toddler I am getting to the age where I could do with a ‘sit down’ ride on suitcase ! however at that price it wont be happening .. Not even at half that price ! Fabulous idea though.

  27. I soo hope this is real and not just an april fool trick! My 3yr old has terence, and we travel every month from essex to edinburgh, and i cant think of anything cooler than me and him riding our trunkies to the gate! Would LOVE a pink blingy trunki, like a princess trunki! Oooh! Xx

  28. based on our surname I would love the cowprint ones to match our baby Cowboys!!! I just hope this isn’t an April fools!!! Based on all the love this is getting if it is they should maybe consider doing it anyway

  29. What a GREAT idea, but agree that the price is far too much. Maybe £60-70… it is just a basic plastic case after all.

  30. please please don’t be an April fools! I’m at the front of the que when these are going on sale. Can’t wait to race my son around the airport on one!

  31. Awesome – a trail of trunkies being ridden by the whole family – completely loopy… I love it! Would love to see the look on my little boys face… “My mummy is soooo cool!” :)

  32. BRILLIANT April fools guys, I’m not sure how I haven’t realised before that all my friends think I’m an overgrown child, but I was tagged on facebook with this a fair few times!! On a serious/personal/childlike note, I would buy one! everybody seems to be loving this idea, maybe it needs to be real??!

  33. If its for real that would be amazing!!!!! Bit pricey , but still brilliant idea! I would have Bernard straight away! :)

  34. Omg!! Woohoo I soooooo can’t wait for them!!! I’ve been saying to my hubby that I would love one as our son has got one with bag inside and the saddle bag thingy, he loves it. I sooo need to get one of these xxx great idea as I’ve been saying that they should make them for grown ups too xx love it just love well done Trunki xxxx

  35. Can you imagine the congestion in the airports with adult trunkis everywhere not to mention airport rage (road rage) would need traffic police, he!he! good one truki x

  36. This is exciting! My daughter has had one for years..she would love to have me join her..and lets be honest i have always wanted my owns!

  37. I really want one of these and would probably buy a few. lol. This is hilarious. However I do think £199 is over priced and should be double the price of the small one. £99.00.

  38. I’m cabin crew and I know full well this idea would go down a treat with my Co workers! No need for anyone to be late to work again (other than if they are having trunki wars) please make one for real!

  39. I’d buy one. Good for slightly larger kids. And you might be able to sit astride it at the airport whilst waiting if you needed to.

  40. What I’d really like is a junior trunkie for age 5-7 that perhaps collapses in order to keep within the size for hand baggage. The beauty of trunkies is in long queues at airports.

  41. Can you please make this!!! All the spec is good except the weight and price. Come on please make it :) I would totally buy one!

  42. Okay my idea if you are up to the challenge but you must send me the first one off the production line for my 19yr old daughter to use on her journeys to and from Uni. Adult size unicorn trunki …………..

  43. You HAVE to make this. It’s a brilliant idea. Why should the children have all the fun on their travels. I’d definitely buy one and I’m 40!

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